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Hire Boat Routes in Yorkshire

The above map is fully interactive, so please zoom-in on any areas of interest. For the sake of reducing clutter, we haven't mapped many locks and swingbridges, instead opting to detail winding holes and moorings which allows for better route planning.

If you have chosen your route, you can zoom-in a long way on the map for further detail levels to appear. At the most detailed level, the map will show pubs, nature reserves, restaurants and much more. We recommend visiting this website for detailed planning: https://canalplan.eu

All of our routes are based upon 6 hours per day of travelling time, with 3 hours on each handover day. You may wish to traverse these routes faster, or slower, however it is the boaters' responsibility to return the boat to Castleton Mill at the agreed time.

Blue: Leeds & Liverpool, Skipton Return. This is our most popular route and is achievable over a one-week holiday, or over a leisurely fortnight. The Yorkshire Dales are the highlight of this trip, culminating with the medieval castle town of Skipton on the outward-bound leg. One of the most beautiful cruises any boater can take, this is a great gentle cruise. This route is only partially achievable on holidays shorter than one week, but there are plenty of opportunities to turn back. On a long weekend, we recommend Apperley Bridge and back as a good benchmark.

Purple: The Aire & Calder, Calder & Hebble and Huddersfield Broad Canal. Over a week-long cruise, one can expect to reach Huddersfield (university campus moorings) and return to Leeds, comfortably. The countryside on the rivers is just as stunning as the Leeds & Liverpool but with a different array of wildlife and sights. The challenge is slightly higher, here, because of the nature of rivers. Rivers can be dangerous, so it is vital that holidaymakers keep to a strict set of rules which we will lay out for you. The locks on the Calder & Hebble are large and have heavy beams on some, so some physical fitness is required to complete this route. However, there's nothing to worry about, we will teach you everything you need to know to be safe and enjoy a marvellous holiday!

Yellow: The Huddersfield Narrow, to Standedge Tunnel. This route is too challenging to complete in one week, so it can only be booked over a fortnight's holiday. However, a fortnight provides a fantastic holiday along this route, with the most exquisite mixture of old industrial revolution relics and Pennine scenery. Breathtaking hills, with mills and other buildings dotting the landscape is a dream. Standedge tunnel, at the end of the outbound leg, is arguably the most incredible canal-artifact on the network. We ask that boaters do not take the boat through the tunnel and instead opt for a ride on the Canals & Rivers Trust trip boat, which goes into the tunnel. We also ask that boaters wishing to make this journey do have some previous experience of the canals, because there are some more challenging aspects to this route.

Any route which includes the traversal of a river is subject to availability on the day of your handover. Whilst we will always book these routes with the best intentions, rarely, the river will be too strong to traverse. The Leeds & Liverpool Canal offers a brilliant fallback plan for anyone who cannot traverse the river, when it comes to it.

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